Vague, Contrary To Healthy Living

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Healthy Living goes way beyond having healthy desserts on summer vacations, or exercises at leisure, or drinking good and healthy Soda for dinner nights. Your thoughts, feelings, actions, doings, habits, they all contribute one thing or the other when it comes to your health.

Today, the topic Vague comes as something in contrary to Healthy Living


Your life should be the first priority in all your doings, which simply means, make your life what it is worth.

Always do things in accordance to what your soul and body accept. Don’t focus on what others are doing with their life . Endeavour to make your life a better one, day in day out.


Don’t make your life elusive or meaningless or VAGUE.

Make it what others wish for, when people see you, they see a life that is worth living, a positive, meaningful, UNAMBIGUOUS LIFE, because

~ A life that is VAGUE is only toiling and is far from living healthy ~

Live Healthy, Don’t live Vaguely. #ILIVEHEALTHY

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